About us

Arons crew and owners:

Owner and skipper/mate/cook/technical department Gorm Bødker grew up in the skipper’s town Troense on Tåsinge. He got his first dinghy when he turned 10 and has been sailing large sailing ships since he was 16. Gorm also has 10 years of experience as a skipper and navigational officer in the Offshore Wind industry. The experience at sea makes him superb at reading the weather and handling the ship in all situations.
Gorm is always ready for a challenge and meets his guests with humor and patience.

Owner and skipper/mate/cook/booking/office Helene Moodie was born and raised on a galley and has 15 years of sailing experience on large charter and training ships. This has given Helene enormous experience in including and guiding fellow sailors in both theoretical and practical sailing.

Gorm and Helene live in Svendborg and together have 4 children aged 7-18.

Arons primary sailing Area.

We truly enjoy cruising the idyllic and shelterd waters in the south Funen Archipelago.

Here you can explore a new island or town everyday. Underway we let the wind determine our destination and enjoy the challenge of tacking between the beautiful green islands of the UNESCO Geopark. https://www.geoparkoehavet.dk/om-geoparken/om-geoparken

Eventhough this is our primary cruising area, we also sail to many other places. Aron visits Bornholm and Aalborg every year, but as Gorm prefers to say, “We sail as far away as you wish to pay for”.

We are dreaming of sailing to Sweden, Norway, Scotland, Faroe Islands and many other beautiful places in the future.



Arons home port.



Aron was built here in 1906.







Gorm’s home town.










UNESCO Geopark

Det Sydfynske Øhav.

Our CV

Gorm Egel Bødker

The schooner Activ – ship’s boy
School ship Danmark – student
The brig schooner Maja – bestman
Navy – conscription
Skoleskipet Danmark – quartermaster.
Galeasen Styrvolt – bestman
The topsail schooner Lilla Dan – mate
The schooner Brita Leth – mate
Galeas Silvermoon – skipper
Sander+ Nico + Line CT-offshore – skipper
Lystyacht – Antibes, France – mate
The schooner Aron, skipper


1999 Experienced Ship Assistant
2002 Coastal skipper, Marstal Navigationsskole
2011 Set skipper, Ljmuiden, Netherlands
2016 DP operator unlimited

Helene Tiama Moodie

Ketch Fri – Born and raised on board.
The schooners Loth Lorien, Tolkien, Maja, Havet – Ordinary Sailor.
School ship Georg Stage – Trainee, quartermaster.
Full-rigger Stad Amsterdam – Ordinary Sailor, Quartermaster,  2nd mate.
Full-rigger Sørlandet – Quartermaster, 1st mate.
Full-rigger Christian Radich – Quartermaster.
Bark Statsraad Lehmkuhl – 1st Mate.
Schooners Tecla, Wylde Swan, Fylla – Mate.
Ærøfergerne, Alslinjen, Langelandslinjen – Chief mate.

Aron – Mate, Cook, Deckhand and Office


2002 – Ordinary Sailor, Georg Stage.
2008 – Sailing ship skipper 500GT, Enkhuizen Zeevaartschol.
2014 – Master  Mariner, Marstal Navigation School.

Facts about the ship Aron

Ship type: Yacht built schooner.
Home port: Svendborg
Owner: Helene Moodie and Gorm Bødker
Skipper: Gorm Bødker and Helene Moodie
Year of construction: 1906
Built in: Marstal
Length: 21.22 (30m over all)
Width: 5.65m
Draft: 2.65
Mast height: 24m
Total sail area: 320m2
Load capacity: 70 GRT
Machine: Gardner 110 HP
Furnishing: 3 two-person cabins, 1 three-person cabin, 1 bunk with a curtain in the common saloon with seating for 16, galley, bath and toilet and nice large deck with plenty of seating.
Passengers: 12 people
2 professional crew members: Minimum Coastal Skipper and Mate.

1 – Flying Jib,  2 – Outer Jib, 3 – Inner Jib,

4 – Fore staysail, 5 – Squaresail (not shown),

6 – Schooner sail, 7 – Mainsail, 8 – Main topsail,

9 – Fischermann,

10 – Square topsail/bikini, (not shown), 11 – Square topsail/bikini (not shown)

Safety on board

Aron is subject to control by the maritime authorities according to international regulations. All new guests are informed of the location and use of all safety equipment before setting sail.