Racing in the Limfjord 2023

Dear Gorm and Aron

Thank you for a nice trip around the Limfjord. Nice cabin together with Dion who took my snoring in the upper bunk nicely 🙂 The general tone on board was, as always, nice. Still practicing on Peter’s cunning Bowline from 2 years ago😳

I hope to repeat the trip.

Regards, Jens Andersen

Jens Andersen

Frist time sailing in Scandinavia

This is our last day in wonderful Denmark 🇩🇰. So very different to my visit to the Hebrides in May yet with some things in common.
A heritage boat from 1906, great host and skipper, good food on board, congenial fellow guests and crew.

Our first visit to Scandinavia and sailing in the Baltic. No tides. Warmer water. Sea but virtually no salt. A shallow coast so no anchoring for the night because you would be too far from the shore and regulations require an anchor watch if anchored.
Wonderful Danish design in so many aspects of life- architecture, infrastructure-spotless facilities on every island however small, all power and communication lines underground. Perfect English spoken by all ages.

We were the first clients for Aron from Ireland/UK through the Venturesail agency who can be delighted with this new addition to their fleet and the first ship based in Denmark.

Apart from delightful crew and other lovely guests we were joined by Angela from National GeograpicTraveller magazine and Richard James Taylor , photographer recording their first visit to Aron and Denmark.
Such fun to be with both of them on board.
Look out for a great article due in the December edition which goes on sale in November.

Sandy Blakeley

Recommendation of beautiful sailing with Aron in summer 2022


It was a huge experience to be on a trip with the schooner Aron in many ways. The first big impression was when we spotted Aron, which was lying by the quay in Svendborg – just such a beautiful ship. On board, Helene and Gorm welcomed everyone and introduced us to life at sea. We were 7 people who signed up and what a wonderful people – we had some fantastic days together both on the water and on land. The weather was sunny and light wind. We were on Lyø, Skarø, Søby and Ærøskøbing. On Sunday we were back in Svendborg and the sun was shining again from a cloudless sky – what a nice end after a few days with Helena and Gorm☀️⛵️〰〰〰〰🤗👍

Kh Gitte and Gunner,


Gitte og Gunner

Travel report

This report is published in the Marstal Pensionist association’s magazine.

Summer vacation

Returned from a quest on @sejlmedaron ️ Unconditionally the best holiday I’ve been on with my child. Highly recommended if you are more into an active holiday than a pool. Most beautiful schooner and most beautiful sailing family. New friendships have been made among both adults and children. Thanks for all the fun and learning Gorm and Helene!

We are regular guests from now on.

Greetings Sara and Nimbus

Thank you for an incredibly nice experience.

Thank you for the professional handling of a bunch of land lubbers as well.

I should say thank you from all the participants. We were probably a little tired the next day, saturated with many impressions.

We won’t soon forget that, and especially me (Jørgen) as an old “wooden ship sailor”.

It is very commendable that you keep the old lady in such good condition and we hope for good winds in the future with your project.

With love

Hanne & Jørgen Rosendahl